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The Athens tour has two options:
  1. The Athens tour
  2. The Athens & Sounion tour

Each option is a separate tour.

The Athens tour

The Parthenon at the Acropolis ur tour begins by going to the Acropolis. Before we get to the Acropolis we will visit the Philopapus hill where we get a great view of the Acropolis. If you are someone who loves taking photos this is definitely the spot. The Philopapus hill is surrounded with many olive trees and you get a great overview of Athens. Then I will take you to the entrance of the Acropolis. You take the time you need to tour the Parthenon, the Acropolis Museum, the Temple of Athens Nike and other fascinating and historic sites on the 'Sacred Rock' overlooking the city of Athens. There is an entrance fee for the Acropolis which is 12 Euros per person. With this ticket you get to see 5 other archaeological sites. These sites are: the Dionysus theatre, the stills of Olympian Zeus, the Roman Agora, the Greek Agora and the Keramikos. Besides these archaeological sites we will visit the National archaeological museum which is one of the best museums in the world. We will also visit some of the most important museums in Athens:
the museum of Cycladic art and the Benaki museum.

Athens Kalimarmaro stadium After seeing the Acropolis we will go and see the national stadium Kalimarmaro that was originally built in 330 BC. The Kalimarmaro stadium is made out of marble and is the only existing marble stadium in the world today. The Marathon of the 2004 Olympics ended in this stadium.

Marathon man - Athens Of course while touring we will see some monuments such as the Academy, the University and our National Library. Another important monument we will see is the 'Marathon man' which is made of fiber glass and is located across the Hilton hotel. It was built in dedication to the Greek soldier Phidippides who in 490 BC ran from the town of Marathon to Athens (about 26 miles) to announce that the Persians had been defeated. He shouted 'NENIKIKAMEN!' which means 'WE WON!' in ancient Greek and collapsed of exhaustion and died.

Changing of the guards Continuing our tour we will see the changing of the guards which takes place in front of the Presidential Palace. This is also one of the most expensive real estate areas in Athens which is called Herodou Atticou. Across from the Presidential Palace are the National Gardens where Athenians take a walk and relax during hot summer days. Every Sunday in front of the Greek Parliament a unique show takes place where 52 national guards (in their white uniform) accompanied by a band march down from their house and complete the change in front of the Unknown Soldier monument. This is a very nice event to witness.

Spiros on Lycabettus hill with a client After that we will visit Lycabettus hill passing through Kolonaki area which is the Soho area of Athens. The Athenians gather in Kolonaki Square to have Greek coffee and chat at the cafes nearby. Here you will see the real Greek culture. Kolonaki also has some of the best shopping stores of known fashion designers. Through the narrow streets of Kolonaki we drive up to Lycabettus hill which is the tallest hill in Athens (its height reaches 277m and on its peak lies a small white Greek Orthodox church of St. George which was built in 1852). From up here you have Athens in a nutshell. You can also take some great photos from here. You can see me here with a client on Lycabettus Hill.

We then head to the Plaka area where you can spend some time shopping. According to a recent theory, Plaka owes its name to a large stone slab found in the area of the church of St. George of Alexandria.

During our tour we will have lunch at a local Greek taverna. At the end of the tour we will drop you off at your destination.
The tour schedule is flexible and can be adjusted according to your needs.

DURATION: 8 hours approx.
TYPE OF VEHICLE: E-Class Mercedes Benz sedan (Mercedes mini-vans also available!)
CAPACITY: 4 people + driver
HIGHLIGHTS: Acropolis * Parthenon * Plaka

The Athens & Sounion tour

This tour includes the itinerary of the Athens tour above but keep in mind that we cannot see ALL the sites in Athens due to limited time. We need approx. 3 hours for Sounion roundtrip.

Lake Vouliagmeni After spending some time in the Plaka we travel to the outskirts of Athens towards Cape Sounion along the coastline of Athens which is a very beautiful ride. Before reaching cape Sounion we will make a stop at Lake Vouliagmeni which stands at 40 cm elevation and its water maintains a constant 24 degrees Celsius temperature year-round. Its water is known to have healing properties and Athenians swim here all year round. It is a unique place to see.

Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion At cape Sounion the ruins of the Temple of Poseidon, which was built in 444 BC lie on a huge rock. The view from up there is spectacular. Here you will be able to enjoy the most beautiful sunset. There is a lovely taverna nearby where you can enjoy lunch or dinner over-looking the blue waters of the Saronic Gulf.

beautiful sunset at Cape Sounion

DURATION: 8-9 hours approx.
TYPE OF VEHICLE: E-Class Mercedes Benz sedan (Mercedes mini-vans also available!)
CAPACITY: 4 people + driver
HIGHLIGHTS: Acropolis * Parthenon * Sounion * Plaka

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