Cruise Ship Service

Spiros Taxi and Tours will facilitate your time in Greece getting to and from your cruise ship.

  • Pick up on ship arrival
  • Travel to and from the airport
  • Private Tours

If you are on a cruise and this is your first time in Piraeus, explore the surrounding areas by taking a private tour with us. We will pick you up from the port as soon as you disembark and we will return you to your ship or final destination.

Port of Piraeus

Greek shipbuilding is renowned throughout the world and the port of Piraeus is the largest port of Greece and one of the largest in the Mediterranean sea and Europe. Many shipping companies are headquartered at the port.

Piraeus is also known for its historical sites.

  • the municipal theater of Piraeus
  • the Piraeus Lion
  • the tomb of general Themistocles

The large new port is named after this ancient Greek general when he won the naval battle against the Persians near the island of Salamina in 479 BC. Along the adjacent Piraiki coastline is a wall that has a length of 2.5 kilometers ( the original wall was 13 kilometers which was created by Konon in 394BC.) The wall had 52 towers of which only 22 survive today.

Here are some of the cruise lines that dock in Piraeus:

Airport Connections

Spiros Taxi & Tours will take to you and from the airport. But, if you have time to spare we can also do a private tour of Athens or Sounion and then drop you off at the airport.

Depending your your schedule, you can take a full day tour or fit in a half day on a tight schedule. The tour schedule is flexible and can be adjusted to your needs. You tell us how much time you have and we will tailor a tour according to your preference. We can also drive you and your luggage to your hotel in the city of Athens. Whether you choose just transportation or elect to take one of our informative private t tours, you will have a friendly driver waiting for you at the port and you will have a wonderful day.

If you fly directly to Athens to start your cruise, we can take your stress away by picking you up at the airport and safely driving you to Piraeus where you can board your cruise ship on time. If you have time before your ship leaves we can do a private tour of Athens.

If you chose one of our tours you will have a friendly driver waiting for you at the port and you will have a wonderful day.