Four day tour itinerary


Breathtaking view from Acrocorinthos up above.

We start our tour by driving south along the beautiful coastline of Corinth. Our first stop is at the Corinthian canal. We will make a stop here to look at the canal and if we are lucky we might see a ship going through the isthmus. After the canal we will go to Ancient Corinth. The site itself is very beautiful. This is where St. Paul preached to the Corinthians. The site of Corinth is influenced by Roman architecture. Here you will see the Octavian temple and the Lechaion Way. Ancient Corinth also has a beautiful museum which is known for its beautiful amphorae. After seeing the site of Ancient Corinth we head towards Acrocorinth which is 4 km (2.5 miles) above the main city.

From there we travel through the farmland and pass through small villages. As we travel we will see many apricot tress, olive trees and vineyards. The Peloponnese region grows some of the best olives and grapes. After that we will reach Ancient Nemea where the ancient Nemean Games were held. Nemea is surrounded with vineyards. From Nemea we head to ancient Mycenae. There you will see the tomb of Agamemnon and the ancient city of Mycenae, which was discovered by Heinrich Schliemann in 1870. After seeing Mycenae we drive down to Nafplio "the old Venetian town" which was re-built by the Venetians in the 16th century and was the first capital of Greece. We will have lunch there by the seaside. Then we can visit the famous castle called "Palamidi".

This castle Bourtzi in Nafplion. View of the temple of Apollo in Corinth.

We continue our tour by traveling through many orange fields and olive trees in order to reach Epidavros. When we get there we will see the ancient theatre of Epidavros which was built in 4 B.C. and is known for its great acoustic sound. The theatre is used today by Greek actors who perform various ancient Greek plays. You will also see the Sanctuary of Asklipeios and the beautiful museum of Epidavros.

Then we travel through the mountains of Arcadia and we stop at the picturesque town of Lagadia for Greek coffee or a refreshment. We continue to Olympia where we sleep over. The hotel we stay at is the Europa hotel. Its a very nice hotel with a pool and great breakfast. The following day we will see ancient Olympia.


Then we travel to Delphi. On the way to Delphi we pass the city of Patra which is the 3rd largest city in Greece. We drive over the Rio-Antirrio bridge which connects the Peloponnese with central Greece. Then we travel along the sea side which has a spectacular view and many little islands and villages. We will stop in the village of Galaxidi for a stretch and have Greek coffee with Greek pastry. Then we go to Delphi where we sleep over. The hotels are fedriades hotel, or parnasos with breakfast. In the morning we will see the archaeological site of Delphi.

View of the Rio-Atirrio bridge in Patras, Greece. The picturesque town of Galaxidi in central Greece.


When we reach the site Delphi the first thing that you will see on the left side is the temple of Athena Pronaia, the Tholos monument and the Greek gymnasium (this is where athletes warmed up before the Pythian Games.) To the right you will see the Castalian spring. The Oracle of Delphi would cleanse herself here before entering the temple of Apollo.

When you enter the archaeological site of Delphi while walking on the Sacred road you will see the Market place, the Athenian treasury, the temple of Apollo and its sanctuary. A bit further up you will see the ancient theater and lastly you will see the Stadium where the ancient Pythian Games were held (chariot races, running and wrestling were some of the sports.) After that when you come down you make a right and you walk to Delphi’s beautiful museum. When we are done with the archaeological sightseeing we break for lunch at this beautiful local Greek taverna which has a view of a spectacular valley of olive trees. We then travel towards Meteora.

The statue of the brave Greek, King Leonidas. View of the ancient site of Delphi.

On our way we go through the olive groves of the city of Amfissa the biggest producer of olives. They also make the best olive in Greece. Then we climb the mountain of Bralo which has a spectacular view high up and a little village in the mountains. We will make a stop in Thermopylae. Then we climb high up to the mountain of Bralo which has a spectacular view and a little village. Then we make a stop in Thermopylae. This is the famous location where the 300 Spartans with King Leonidas bravely fought against Xerxes and his Persian army. Here you will see where the battle took place and the statue of King Leonidas and a small museum. Then we climb the mountains of Domokos. When we come down from the mountain we enter the biggest farm area in Greece which is called Thessalikos kambos. It produces cotton, tomatos, cucumbers and many more vegetable and the best watermelons in Greece. Sometimes I stop here to get some vegetables to take home. We will make a quick stop for refreshments. Then we travel to Kalambaka where you have the choice of two hotels Iridanos or Meteoritis.


The following morning after breakfast we will see 5 or 6 monasteries depending on how anxious you are to see all of them. With my tour you get to see all the monasteries vs a bus tour where they only show you two monasteries. That’s one of the main differences. After the monasteries we have lunch and travel back to Athens ςith a stop on the way for stretching and a quick snack.

Breathtaking view of Meteora. View of a monastery at Meteora.

Tour Highlights

  • Ancient Corinth
  • Mycenae
  • Epidavros
  • Nafplio
  • Delphi
  • Meteora
  • Thermopylae
  • Ancient Olympia
  • Duration: 4 days 3 nights
  • Vehicle: Mercedes sedan
  • Capacity: 4 people + the driver
  • Price: Check Availability
  • This tour can also turn into a 5 day tour with the addition of an overnight stay in the town of Nafplio.

Things to know about this private tour.

What is not included in the price

  • entrance fees to museums & archaeological sites
  • food
  • licensed tour guide on site

Please note that tolls and gas are included in the price.

Entrance fees

  • Ancient Corinth: €6
  • Mycenae: €8
  • Epidavros: €6
  • Nafplio: €3 for castle Palamidi
  • Ancient Olympia: €9 for both the archaeological site and museum
  • Meteora: €3 for each monastery

Public Holidays in Greece

Most services and museums in Greece are closed on the following holidays:

  • January 1st
  • March 25th
  • Good Friday
  • Orthodox Easter Sunday
  • May 1st
  • December 25th
  • December 26th


The vehicle you will be riding in is an E-class Mercedes sedan taxi which can comfortably accommodate 4 people + the driver.

If there are more than 4 people in your party, we can accommodate you with a spacious van.

Car seats for infants are available.
Also, we are smoke-free!

Hotels that we recommend.


Built on a privileged spot overlooking Ancient Olympia offers an idyllic view of the Arcadian mountains and the paradisiacal valley, which lies between two rivers, the Alpheus and the Cladeus. Due to its location and heritage, Europa hotel promises high standards of hospitality along with exquisite style and aesthetics. Nestled in green surroundings the hotel with its outstanding architecture enhanced by the use of natural stone and wooden elements, bright colors and refined details creates the ideal setting for an unforgettable stay. Enjoy our unrivalled hospitality services in a cozy family environment. Europa is highly rated by state leaders, members of the Olympic Family, famous artists and writers as well as everyday guests, who during their stay at the hotel had the opportunity to experience the renowned Olympian hospitality, in the exact place where Xenios Zeus, the patron deity of hospitality, was worshipped.

For more information please visit


Iridanos, a perfect place that you will find as soon as you enter the city of Kalambaka, on the main road towards the Meteora. We built the guesthouse with a lot of love and we will try to fulfill all your needs and wishes during your stay with us. Our philosophy is to make our guests feel at home and comfortable and excited because they encounter more than they had hoped for!

For more information please visit


You are welcomed in our hotel "Meteoritis" near the paths that you can take to reach monasteries, in the foothill of Meteora . Hotel "Meteoritis" since October 2009 is the most modern hotel in Kastraki and offers you family hospitality and personal care with a fascinating view to Meteora . Enjoy the modern comforts of our hotel! We invite you to visit us and enjoy moments of relaxation compined to the dinstinctive luxury of "Meteorites". Our goal is your satisfaction! Enjoy the calmness that you can't have in your daily routine. Enjoy your coffee or your drink in our big green garden after a day full of sightseeing. Our experience can make you happy! We are looking forward to seeing you!

For more information please visit


Fedriades is an elegant Hotel, situated in the heart of the city of Delphi, the “navel of earth”. Built in traditional Greek style, within an easy walking distance of the Archaeological Museum and the sights. It overlooks the magnificent view of the Corinthian Gulf and the valley of Pleistos. Offers free Wi-Fi and use of the hotel's PC. The well known Epikouros Restaurant serves a variety of fine Greek and Mediterranean dishes. The hotel also features stylish and spacious lounges and a cozy Bar-Cafe. Fedriades has an excellent reputation that founded on care, enthusiasm, and nice location of the hotel. As a family-run hotel, it assures personal attention to guests' needs in a warm and comfortable interior.

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Restaurants that we recommend.

The fisherman's taverna

Plaka's oldest restaurant continues to receive connoisseurs of the finest that Greek traditional cuisine has to offer. The emphasis here is on top qualityin the realms of taste and service. For more than two decades, The Fisherman's Taverna, with the guarantee of Vlassis Stathokostopoulos' Group, has been living proof that the Plaka has much more to offer than the usual tourist traps. This traditional taverna is the preferred choice of distinguished personalities of the political world, business circuit and art scene. The Fisherman's Taverna attracts guests of all ages looking for the best in authentic Greek cuisine. Regardless of the name, the selection available is not limited to fish but includes a broad range of traditional Greek dishes.

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Thanasis has one of the best kebab and souvlaki in town! If you are looking for a delicious snack without having to spend a lot - Thanasis is the place to go!

For more information please visit Thanasis


Orizontes (Horizons) is an excellent restaurant located on Lycabettus hill. Orizontes provides excellent cuisine, impeccable service and the best view of Athens and the Saronic gulf. If you decide to eat at this restaurant be sure to make reservations ahead of time

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